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DCS axle truck scale
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 Quick dynamic detection with high accuracy
 Auto distinguish the type of axle and tire
 Auto distinguish overload and show the result on scoreboard.
 Auto print results instantly
 The indicator can be connected with computer alternatively.

Basic Facility
 DCS-30 weighing platform(fixed)
 The equipment for classing tire
 The equipment for getting axle mass and total mass
 XK3196B or XK3196E2 dynamic indicator.

Super facility
 Personal computer connecting with indicator.
 Computer control system with complete function. “customer-made”software for unique demands.
 Wireless transmitting and receiving system.

 Weighing-in-motion speed≤10km/h (strongly
recommended under 5km/h)
 Dynamic weighing accuracy: 0.5-3%, closely associated with truck speed while weighing.
 Maximum axle mass 30 metric ton
 Minimum axle mass 500kg.
 The quantity of axles is no limited
 Static weighing precision GB  Legal for trade.

 The reference size of platform 3.5×0.9 meters (also can be ordered according to customers.)

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