Dynamic indicator
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20BIT A/D converter with linearity of 0.0015%.

 Linking to JXH auto-adjusting junction box and regular type junction boxes.

 Driving up to 8 load-cells.

 Gathering up 1600 weighing records( can be increased to 3500).

 Complete summary and statistics functions.

 Supporting 9 and 24 alpha printers in various formation.

 Trouble free of re-calibration in replacing accessories and compartments.

 Uncomplicated adjustment and operation.

 Applied to electronic vehicle scale, and some grab scales and floor scales that call for printing and statistics of high performance.

 Up-to-expectation accuracy in weighing in motion.

 Capable of axle and carload measurement, compatible in motion and in static situation.

 Applied to dynamic axle and vehicle detection as well as other applications for weighing solutions in motion

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